North Americans collect for Iceland

usaThe Icelandic National League of North America (Thjodraeknisfelag Islendinga i Nordur-Amerika), also known as the INL of NA, has reacted to the financial crisis in Iceland and launched a collection to support Icelanders, reports.

Gerri McDonald, INL president, has sent members a letter in which she explains the difficulties Icelanders now face. She advises that many Icelanders now have significant financial worries, with more and more people seeking help from charities. On the other hand, they (charities) have also been adversely affected by the financial crisis. Now is the time, McDonald says, for North Americans of Icelandic origin and other friends of Iceland to give a helping hand.

The INL of NA president emphasises that the problem will not be undone in one go and that the help will be needed for a while. INL’s first idea is to collect cash donations to give to Icelandic charities providing food, clothes and Christmas gifts to the needy, so they can better help individuals and families in the run up to Christmas. The next stage of the fundraising plan will be revealed in the New Year.

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