New Icelandic government sooner than expected?

iceland_satellite1Contrary to recent news, Icelandic Prime Minister in waiting, Johanna Sigurdardottir said today at the Althingi parliament building in Reykjavik that the new government will probably be revealed tomorrow.

Leader of the Left Green Movement, Steingrimur J. Sigfusson says that the coalition’s talks with the Progressive Party have not hit a brick wall by any means; although he does concede that there will be a lot of fine tuning to do to get the government working efficiently.

It has been three decades since Iceland was last ruled by a minority government, reports.

Sigfusson added that the coalition partners had a very positive meeting with Progressive Party leaders this morning, who then discussed the issues in a private meeting with their parliamentary party members. Sigfusson does not foresee any major new obstacles in the creation of a government.

Although the coalition government will not include the Progressive Party, it will rely on it for support; and will therefore have to work closely with it in a mutually beneficial way, party sources say. ReinaT

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