Icelandic woman helps track down America’s most wanted

It has been reported in the USA that a woman living in Iceland provided the information which led to the arrest of one of America’s most wanted criminals.

The woman in Iceland apparently ed the FBI with information which led to James “Whitey” Bulger being found and arrested on Wednesday, according to Boston’s NPR affiliated radio station. The radio station cites the police as its source, reports.

James Bulger is accused of having controlled a sprawling criminal operation and of committing 19 murders. Bulger is now in his 80s.

He has been on the run from police for 16 years and was eventually arrested this week at a flat in Santa Monica, California. He had been on the list of America’s most wanted criminals for a decade or more.

It is not at all clear what information the woman in Iceland was able to give the FBI, or whether the woman is an Icelandic citizen or not — but it is reported that she decided to the organisation after seeing on CNN that the police were looking for Catherine Greig, Bulger’s cohabiting partner.

There are clearly a lot of unanswered questions in this story, but Euromech will provide further coverage if and when more information comes to light.

UPDATE: The news appears to have been confirmed; although the woman apparently ed Boston police and not the FBI. The Boston Globe reports:

“Yesterday, the FBI and US Marshal from Massachusetts issued a joint statement rejecting media reports that they initially gave a low priority to the tip that finally led to Bulger’s arrest. They stressed that the tip, which came from a source in Iceland, was immediately turned over to the FBI agent responsible for the Bulger Task Force, who verified the tip’s legitimacy. The tipster, a woman who had encountered the fugitives in Santa Monica, told authorities that Bulger was going by the name Charles Gasko, a name that didn’t correspond to anyone in California, suggesting it was a fake.

““Less than 24 hours after the supervisory agent first reviewed the tip, Mr. Bulger and Ms. Greig were arrested,’’ according to the statement from Richard DesLauriers, the special agent in charge of the Boston Division of the FBI, and John Gibbons, US marshal for Massachusetts.”

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