Potentially deadly flash flooding hits Norway

People are considering themselves lucky to have escaped unharmed as torrential rains caused severe flash flooding in Norway this morning. All routes connecting southern and central Norway are closed because of the deluge.

At least a dozen people were in very serious danger this morning and many had to be rescued from the rising waters by helicopter. The situation is worst in the Sor Trondelag region, best-known internationally for the city of Trondheim. RUV reports that there is a lot of damage to buildings and infrastructure.

One example of the rescue operations which have been taking place this morning is the five people winched to safety from the roof of a house in the small town of Aalen. The waters were literally pulling the house apart at the time of the rescue and other people have been winched up just in time from floating summerhouses. One person managed to survive the torrent by climbing into a digger’s shovel arm, as the machine was too heavy to be moved by the rushing flood waters.

All business premises in the town centre are under water and loose trees and other debris are causing severe damage to buildings.

The precipitation in the area seems to be very localised and much heavier than meteorologists predicted. The weather has already caused major damage to the main north-south motorway and railway out of Oslo and it is thought it will take several days to get them open again.

The rain is moving slowly north and is now over the neighbouring Nord Trondelag region.

There have been an unusually high number of floods in Norway this year; but not as severe and sudden as now.

So far there have been no reports of death or injury.

(Main page photo: NRK)

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