Wind Turbines to be Placed on Bus Stops

Wind Turbines to be Placed on Bus Stops

Icewind, a new company started by four young Icelandic entrepreneurs, has raised enough money to begin building wind turbines that will harness the elements and transform them into usable power.

The initial goal of the company is to install turbines on bus stops in Iceland in order to power the lighting, heating, wifi, and mobile device charging units. The first installation is slated to go up on the stop in front of Harpa in downtown Reykjavík.

The company is comprised of Sæþór Ásgeion, Þór Bachmann, Ágúst Guðbjörnsson and Gunnar Eirísson. They first presented their project on the Icelandic television program “Toppstöðin,” which features a competition between designers with fresh ideas. In order to get off the ground, Icewind needed to generate enough capital to fund their proposal. The group has achieved this with help primarily from WOW Air and a crowd-funding site called Karolina Fund.

This company is not only exciting because residents and visitors alike can enjoy environmentally savvy bus stops, but also because of the larger vision Icewind holds for the future. The group would like to see wind turbines generating electricity for summerhouses in the countryside, as well as on communication towers, which rely heavily on diesel oil.

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