IKEA Struggles with Demand of Refugee Crisis

IKEA Struggles with Demand of Refugee Crisis

IKEA stores in Sweden and Germany are facing an especially high demand for items such as beds, mattresses, and bedding due to the escalating refugee crisis. Local authorities have been purchasing large quantities of these items to furnish temporary accommodations for people arriving from Syria and other war-ravaged nations.

According to an IKEA spokesperson in Sweden, the company is having difficulty keeping up with the demand. The supply of flat-boxed items comes from manufacturers in Asia and it is simply not enough to meet the needs of the hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers currently flooding Europe. The impact of such shortages is expected to soon affect Britain as well.

Germany and Sweden have been among the European nations to welcome the highest number of refugees. The number of immigrants in Germany is expected to reach 800,000 by the end of the year, and in Sweden the projected figure reaches 190,000. As such, authorities are finding the task of establishing housing for all these people quite a challenge. The bedding shortage at IKEA is just one facet of the issue.