Denmark Gears Up for Black Friday

Denmark Gears Up for Black Friday

Although there is no historical precedent for the American Thanksgiving holiday in Europe, some countries have decided to adopt select traditions associated with that time of year. According to one report, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving Thursday in the US, has recently become a widely accepted practice in Denmark.

First seen in Denmark in 2013, Black Friday seems to have made an imprint on the culture and appears as though it is there to stay. The Danish Chamber of Commerce, Dansk Erhverv, has stated that it is expecting this year’s Black Friday to be the biggest yet.

Last year, the shopping holiday represented one of the highest credit card usage days in Danish history. It is reported that Danes used their credit cards more than 4.5 million times and spent a total of 1.53 billion kroner.

Needless to say, Danish retailers, as well as online stores, view this cultural appropriation of American shopping mania in a very beneficial light. While at first, the phenomenon of Black Friday was mostly expressed via online sales, local stores have caught on and will be taking advantage of the spree. Come Friday (or sometimes Thursday night) major discounts will be offered at most retail locations.

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