Panama Paper Scandal Ministers re-elected to Icelandic Parliament

Panama Paper Scandal Ministers re-elected to Icelandic Parliament

Both former prime ministers involved in the Panama paper scandals, Bjarni Benediktsson and Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, have been re-elected to the Icelandic parliament. A new government has not been formed as of yet, but informal negotiations between parties are underway.

Bjarni Benediktsson’s Independent party got the majority of votes in the election on Saturday, 25,2%. The Panama papers showed that Bjarni once had a stake in an offshore investment firm in Seychelles.

Sigmundur Davíð’s new Centre party got 10,9% of the votes on Saturday, much to some people’s surprise. According to the Panama papers, Sigmundur Davíð owned 50% of an offshore company called Wintris Inc. from 2007-2009. The Panama paper scandal led to Sigmundur Davíð’s resignation as prime minister on April 5th, 2016.

In the following election in 2016, Bjarni Benediktsson became prime minister. His party’s coalition government with the Bright Future party and the Reform party broke recently after the Bright Future party decided it could not work with Bjarni’s Independence party. The reason being that Bjarni’s father wrote a letter of recommendation on behalf of a convicted pedophile, and Bjarni reportedly tried to cover it up.

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